Corunna, September 15-19, 2013

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Conference Programme

Programme overview


  • Monday 16th

    • [08:30--09:00] Welcome!
    • [09:00--10:00] Invited Talk.
      (chair: Nicola Leone)
    • [10:00--10:10] Break.
    • [10:10--11:50] Technical Session I: Answer Set Programming.
      (chair: Vladimir Lifschitz)
      • Jori Bomanson and Tomi Janhunen: Normalizing Cardinality Rules using Merging and Sorting Constructions.
      • Marcello Balduccini, Yuliya Lierler and Peter Schueller: Prolog and ASP Inference Under One Roof.
      • Ying Zhu and Mirek Truszczynski: On optimal solutions of answer set optimization problems.
      • Christian Drescher and Toby Walsh: Efficient Approximation of Well-Founded Justification and Well-Founded Domination.
    • [11:50--12:10] Coffee Break.
    • [12:10--13:50] Technical Session II: Temporal and Dynamic Reasoning.
      (chair: Chitta Baral)
      • Felicidad Aguado, Gilberto Pérez and Concepcion Vidal: Integrating Temporal Extensions of Answer Set Programming.
      • Ricardo Gonçalves, Matthias Knorr, Joao Leite and Martin Slota:  Non-monotonic Temporal Goals.
      • Manfred Eppe, Mehul Bhatt and Frank Dylla: Approximate Epistemic Planning with Postdiction as Answer-Set Programming.
      • Ringo Baumann and Gerhard Brewka: Spectra in Abstract Argumentation: An Analysis of Minimal Change.
    • [13:50--15:00] Lunch Break.
    • [15:00--16:30] Short Technical papers / Posters.
      (chair: Tomi Janhunen)
      • Jose Julio Alferes, Matthias Knorr and Kewen Wang: Forgetting under the Well-Founded Semantics.
      • Mario Alviano and Wolfgang Faber: The Complexity Boundary of Answer Set Programming with Generalized Atoms under the FLP Semantics.
      • Saadat Anwar, Chitta Baral and Katsumi Inoue: Encoding Higher Level Extensions of Petri Nets in ASP.
      • Chitta Baral and Nguyen Vo: Event-Object Reasoning with Curated Knowledge Bases: Deriving Missing Information.
      • Rosamaria Barilaro, Michael Fink, Francesco Ricca and Giorgio Terracina: Towards Query Answering in Relational Multi-Context Systems.
      • Daniel Borchmann: Experience Based Nonmonotonic Reasoning.
      • Wu Chen, Dongmo Zhang and Maonian Wu: A Sequential Model of Bargaining Reasoning in Logic Programming.
      • Stefania Costantini and Andrea Formisano: Negation as a Resource: a novel view on Answer Set Semantics.
    • [16:30--17:00] Coffee Break.
      • Samy Sa and Joao Alcantara: Preference Handling for Belief-Based Rational Decisions.
      • Ari Saptawijaya and Luís Moniz Pereira: Program Updating by Incremental and Answer Subsumption Tabling.
      • Martin Slota, Martin Baláž and Joao Leite: Early Recovery in Logic Program Updates.
    • [17:30--18:30] Poster Session.
  • Tuesday 17th

    • [09:00--10:40] Technical Session III: Theory.
      (chair: Stefan Woltran)
      • Amelia Harrison, Vladimir Lifschitz and Mirek Truszczynski: On Equivalent Transformations of Infinitary Formulas under the Stable Model Semantics.
      • Luis Farinas Del Cerro, Andreas Herzig and Ezgi Iraz Su: Combining equilibrium logic and dynamic logic.
      • Jianmin Ji and Fangzhen Lin: Turner's Logic of Universal Causation, Propositional Logic, and Logic Programming.
      • Carlos Viegas Damásio, Anastasia Analyti and Grigoris Antoniou:  Justifications for Logic Programming.
    • [10:40--10:50] Break.
    • [10:50--11:50] Invited talk (plenary session with CLIMA).
      (chair: Tran Cao Son)
    • [11:50--12:10] Coffee Break.
    • [12:10--13:50] Application Descriptions I.
      (chair: Kewen Wang)
      • Daniela Inclezan: An Application of ASP to the Field of Second Language Acquisition.
      • Peter Schüller: Flexible Combinatory Categorial Grammar Parsing using the CYK Algorithm and Answer Set Programming.
      • Philippe Bordron, Damien Eveillard, Alejandro Maass, Anne Siegel and Sven Thiele: An ASP application in integrative biology: identification of functional gene units.
      • Guillaume Collet, Damien Eveillard, Martin Gebser, Sylvain Prigent, Torsten Schaub, Anne Siegel and Sven Thiele: Extending the Metabolic Network of Ectocarpus Siliculosus using Answer Set Programming.
    • [13:50--15:00] Lunch Break.
    • [15:00--20:00] Visit to Santiago de Compostela.
  • Wednesday 18th

    • [09:00--10:00] Invited Talk.
      (chair: Pedro Cabalar)
    • [10:00--10:10] Break.
    • [10:10--11:50] Technical Session IV: Generalizations of Logic Programming.
      (chair: Joohyung Lee)
      • Ricardo Gonçalves and Jose Julio Alferes: Decidability and implementation of parametrized logic programs.
      • Christian Antic, Michael Fink and Thomas Eiter: HEX Semantics via Approximation Fixpoint Theory.
      • Markus Krötzsch, Despoina Magka and Ian Horrocks: Concrete Results on Abstract Rules.
      • Chrysida Galanaki, Christos Nomikos and Panos Rondogiannis: Game Semantics for Non-Monotonic Intensional Logic Programming.
    • [11:50--12:10] Coffee Break.
    • [12:10--13:50] Systems and Tools.
      (chair: Stefania Costantini)
      • Mario Alviano, Carmine Dodaro, Wolfgang Faber, Nicola Leone and Francesco Ricca: WASP: A native ASP solver based on constraint learning.
      • Joseph Babb and Joohyung Lee: Cplus2ASP: Computing Action Language C+ in Answer Set Programming.
      • Evgenii Balai, Michael Gelfond and Yuanlin Zhang: Towards Answer Set Programming with Sorts.
      • Axel Polleres, Melanie Frühstück, Gottfried Schenner and Gerhard Friedrich: Debugging non-ground ASP programs with Choice Rules, Cardinality Constraints and Weight Constraints.
    • [13:50--15:00] Lunch Break.
    • [15:00--16:30] Short Application Description.
      (chair: Yuliya Lierler)
      • Thomas Ambroz, Günther Charwat, Andreas Jusits, Johannes Peter Wallner and Stefan Woltran: ARVis: Visualizing Relations between Answer Sets.
      • Günther Charwat, Giovambattista Ianni, Thomas Krennwallner, Martin Kronegger, Andreas Pfandler, Christoph Redl, Martin Schwengerer, Lara Spendier, Johannes Peter Wallner and Guohui Xiao: VCWC: A Versioning Competition Workflow Compiler.
      • Michael Fink, Stefano Germano, Giovambattista Ianni, Christoph Redl and Peter Schüller: ActHEX: Implementing HEX Programs with Action Atoms.
      • Melanie Frühstück, Jörg Pührer and Gerhard Friedrich: Debugging Answer-Set Programs with Ouroboros - Extending the SeaLion Plugin.
      • Martin Gebser, Thomas Glase, Orkunt Sabuncu and Torsten Schaub:  Matchmaking with ASP.
      • Chris Martens, Anne-Gwenn Bosser, Joao Ferreira and Marc Cavazza: Linear Logic Programming for Narrative Generation.
      • Artur Mikitiuk and Mirek Truszczynski: Implementing Informal Semantics of ASP.
      • Giorgio Terracina, Alessandra Martello and Nicola Leone: Logic-based techniques for data cleaning: an application to the Italian National Healthcare System.
    • [16:30--17:00] Coffee Break.
    • [17:00--18:30] System and Application Demonstrations.
    • [21:00--22:00] Conference Banquet.
  • Thursday 19th

    • [09:00--10:00]  ASP Competition Announcement and Applications Descriptions IIa.
      (chair: Joao Leite)
      • Giovambattista Ianni: 4th ASPCOMP report.
      • Benjamin Andres, Martin Gebser, Michael Glass, Christian Haubelt, Felix Reimann and Torsten Schaub: Symbolic System Synthesis Using Answer Set Programming.
    • [10:00--10:10] Break.
    • [10:10--11:50] Application Descriptions IIb.
      (chair: Michael Fink)
      • Martin Gebser, Holger Jost, Roland Kaminski, Philipp Obermeier, Orkunt Sabuncu, Torsten Schaub and Marius Schneider: Ricochet Robots: A transverse ASP benchmark.
      • Timothy Cerexhe, Orkunt Sabuncu and Michael Thielscher: Evaluating Reactive Answer Set Solving for General Game Playing.
      • Benjamin Andres, Matthias Sauer, Martin Gebser, Tobias Schubert, Bernd Becker and Torsten Schaub: Accurate Computation of Sensitizable Paths using Answer Set Programming.
      • Anna Ryabokon, Gerhard Friedrich and Andreas Falkner: Conflict-based Program Rewriting for Solving Configuration Problems.
    • [11:50--12:10] Coffee Break.
    • [12:10--13:50] Technical Session V: Belief Revision.
      (chair: Chiaki Sakama)
      • James Delgrande, Pavlos Peppas and Stefan Woltran: AGM-Style Belief Revision of Logic Programs under Answer Set Semantics.
      • Nicolas Schwind and Katsumi Inoue: Characterization Theorems for Revision of Logic Programs.
      • Yisong Wang, Zhiqiang Zhuang and Kewen Wang: Belief Change in Nonmonotonic Multi-Context Systems.
      • Maurice Pagnucco, David Rajaratnam, Hannes Strass and Michael Thielscher: Implementing Belief Change in the Situation Calculus and an Application.
    • [13:50--14:00] Closing.

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